The Webinarts is a start-up from Dakar (Senegal) is a web agency in the Web Consulting, Infographic Design and Web/Mobile Apps for particulars, small and middle-companies from Africa, America (USA, Brazil, …), Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Infographic Design

Web design and infographic Design

All companies or particulars have needed like flyers, brochures, magazines, banners, or any paper documents for their digital communication.

Web Consulting

Référencement web et consulting

We design and analyse the best strategy for the visibility of your WordPress website for your company through the different steps of the deployment.

Web/Mobile Apps

Web/Mobile Apps

With our team, we work on your web or mobile app project. For your activity and other events, you want to convert into the best interactive solution.


Our teams from Senegal, and other countries around the world work by the way of remote work and coworking for
our meetup for the moment. We have not any place/building for our start-up. You can call us at this phone number
(+221) 33 896 69 61 or by our WhatsApp Business number (+229) 68 00 10 64.

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